Slot Car Racing and Collecting 1/24 1/32 and HO Scale cars

Slot Cars

Believe it or not, but slot cars have been around since 1912! They were manufactured by the famous model train company, Lionel. They didn’t really have a slot to use, but they had a rail that kept the on the track. A speed controller was an extra option. But Lionel stopped production in 1915. Forty years of different types of slot cars followed with no real success at attracting the huge audience that started to grow in the late 1950s. In the 1960s slot cars were all the rage. There was even a segment on the Johnny Carson Show for a slot car competition finale. Slot cars never lost their appeal in England. The Brits know a good thing, and slot cars are still quite popular there. Scalextric, Carrera, Aurora, are some of the big players that still remain the leaders in the hobby. The tracks have been getting more elaborate with custom designs from companies like SlotMods and MaxTrax. But whether your racing on a plastic track or a custom routed layout, slot car racing is back, and it’s becoming a Man Cave favorite!