Scooters and Mopeds including New and Vintage Scooters


Scooters have been around for over 100 years and have gone through a lot of changes. From the smoky 2 stroke engines to the high torque electric motors. The popularity was very strong in Europe, but caught on strong during the 1950s in the United States. Brands like Cushman, Salsbury, and Indian led the way. Great styles and cool colors caught peoples attention. And because riding a scooter is so easy, men and women now had a fun way to tour the countryside, or commute to work. Whether you are interested in scooters because you would like to get some great gas mileage, over 80+ MPG, or you are just looking to spice up the boring commute to work, a motor scooter is a great idea! There is scooter in just about every style you can imagine, including three wheel scooters, and scooters with side cars. It is becoming increasingly popular to buy a vintage scooter that has been completely restored. They look great and are highly collectible. Today vintage Vespas have been a collectors trend that is still growing. You really need to take a scooter for a ride to see what all the buzz is about!