Hoverboards with safe certified batteries and accessories


It seems everyone thinks of the hoverboard from ‘Back To The Future’ when they hear the word. The ones that you can buy now don’t exactly float on air, but the way they do move is vey cool! Inventor Kevin Inkster came up with the Airboard that made an appearance at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Very bulky and expensive, but it could float on air an above the ground. Then what we have now is the two wheel self balancing Hoverboards. They came on strong when first introduced until the batteries started exploding. But now they are extremely safe and reliable with UL certifications. These hoverboards are great for the office and even off-roading. Wild colors, bluetooth options, flashing lights, and even find handles that can be attached to make them more stable like a Segway. With more options probably on the way, the Hoverboard is here and there is a model for everyone!