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Go Carts

You probably first rode a go cart at a rental track. That was a lot of fun, but they were equipped with speed limiters so that you couldn’t get too crazy on the track with them. But when you get your own little road rocket, that is when the real fun starts! Hopping in a go cart and stepping on the gas is an experience everyone must try at least once. But caution, you may get hooked. You are riding just inches off the ground and the speed sensation is incredible. And because these carts have such a low center of gravity, doing donuts on pavement is a must. And there are even some two seaters out there, but who wants to be a passenger? You want your hands on the wheel, and your foot on the gas. That’s the only way to fly. Here you can find go carts in all types including oval carts, super carts, kids carts, two seater carts, and many custom go carts.