Drones with Cameras and drone accessories including batteries


Camera drones seem to be everywhere. Television stations have been using them to get some great news coverage with a better visual perspective. Real estate agents love drones for really making their listings more attractive. And just everyday people love drones not only for the fun of flying and getting great videos for YouTube, but now racing drones is the new ultimate outdoor sport! However there are some safety issues and laws that need to be followed. The United States Department of Transportation requires you to register your drone. You should follow this LINK to see if you fall under the guidelines set for your drone. There is also some great information even if you want to operate your drone just for the recreational enjoyment. The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) is a test that is not mandatory, but is encouraged to take and carry proof of passage when operating your drone in flight. You should also take a few minutes to register your drone with the FAA HERE.