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About The Scooter Mall

As a kid, the coolest things in the world were things that would scoot. My favorites were slot cars and model trains. But then one day when I got off the school bus and started walking up the driveway I saw a motorcycle. I figured someone was stopping over to visit. So I walked up to see this cool ride to check it out. It was red, it was shiny, it was brand new! It was just delivered earlier in the day. It was a 1967 Sears Allstate Puch Sabre 50cc. My dad bought it for my brother and me to have fun with. It was about to be a great summer!

sears puch 1967

I began selling online back in 1995 with the release of my album, “The Judge at E”. It’s an instrumental album I produced to match the choreography for equestrian dressage freestyle competitions. You can listen to some samples and buy a copy here:

music for dressage the judge at e

That got my feet wet online. It was relatively safe to buy online then. Most people back then didn’t have a home computer and if they did only a small percent could access the internet. America Online (AOL) 2.0 was the most popular platform. But the web has changed a lot since then. From the just over 20,000 websites on the entire internet, to well over a billion today. It’s easy now to find a store selling scooters, hoverboards, drones, model trains, and slot cars online, but finding a site you can trust is a little harder. I have spent years conducting business through the online giants eBay and Amazon, and have received not only their highest ratings, but also 100% positive feedback from my customers. And finally, if you or your business would like a revenue producing website, please contact me at Monarch Media. I am also available to promote you through social media.

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