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Getting There Is Just Cooler On A Scooter!

The Scooter Mall has just about anything that scoots including gas and electric powered scooters and mopeds. These gas saving scooters are popping up everywhere. A big reason is a lot of cities are seeing renewed interest in living downtown. Moving out of the suburbs and back to the city is the way the newer frugal generations want to live. As these downtowns begin to thrive again, riding a scooter is the easiest and most economical way to get around. In addition to enjoying the the gas saving advantage of these high mpg vehicles, parking which is at a premium, is very easy. While scooters are enjoying this new found popularity, there are a number of other new types of vehicles that scoot.

Hoverboards are another great new scooter type vehicle. Zipping around the office complex is becoming a more acceptable and efficient way of completing tasks. Another great new toy is the drone. Even though they are fun to play with, they are quite useful in many work applications. From a homeowner checking out his roof to farmers taking a crop tour, to real estate people showing off estates to potential buyers. The hi-def cameras on these drones come in handy for many situations in addition to just plain having fun!

But The Scooter Mall has more fun things that scoot, like model trains and slot cars! Slot cars are enjoying a strong comeback as the "must have" addition to the man cave. These new high speed slot cars with digital timers are just the latest in cool toys for the grown up kid. Growing up with slot cars by Aurora, Tyco and others was a lot of fun and people want to re-live those great slot car days. Now there are a lot of cars to choose from. The 1/32 scale cars have some extremely detailed bodies. Great looking slot cars. The HO cars have come a long way too. You have to see one of these new cars go around a track. You won't believe how fast they are now! And for the model railroader, you can browse a great selection of trains and tracks. Locomotives and freight cars from Lionel and Bachmann are available as well as updated videos of some great model train track layouts.

Scooters For The Great Outdoors

Grab A Seat And Have Some Fun!

You see them all over Europe, now Scooters are just about everywhere in the United States. People love the gas mileage, the easy parking, and the fun of having the wind in your face on a summer day! Go riding with some friends, join a scooter club!

Dirt-bike design has changed quite a bit over the last decade. They have become safer, more eco-friendly, and better looking. You can even find electric versions out there that have some serious torque. And there's still the gas engine rockets!

It's great to get your excercise by riding a bike. It's also a fun way to see the countryside, and being able to actually stop andsmell the roses. But when the road gets hilly, and you're getting tired, an electric boost will keep your journey fun!

More Fun Ways To Scoot

Sit On It - Stand On It - Or Fly It!

When you sit in a Go Cart, your perspective changes quite a bit. Things go by faster, and rounding corners at high speed while fish tailing will keep your attention. Did you know, many NASCAR champions started by riding Go Carts?

Riding a hoverboard around the house, down the sidewalk, or in the office, is sure to spice up things up a bit. Just going out to check the mail is always better on a hoverboard. In fact just about doing anything is better on a hoverboard!

Flying a drone has become so easy that even a beginner can have fun right away. The controllers are intuitive, and the drones use the newest batteries to allow for longer flight time. The high resolution cameras really make this a fun activity!

Two Of The All Time Favorites

Who Says You Can Only Scoot Outside?

Model railroading has a wide area of appreciation. From the quintessential Christmas present under the tree, to the most elaborate track layouts that room and money will allow. The list is long of model train lovers, from celebrities to world leaders.

Before video games, racing slot cars was the most fun you could have indoors. It didn't matter if it was HO, 1/32, or 1/24 scale, slot car racing became the most popular hobby in America. Now they are back, and the well appointed 'Man Caves' have a new toy!